Sister of bus crash victim: School band is pride of Texas town

Sister of bus crash victim: School band is pride of Texas town

Channel 3 was able to speak with a family member of one of the Channelview High School band members involved in a deadly bus crash.

Fifteen-year-old DeWayne Benson was taken to Sacred Heart Hospital to be examined after the crash. He has been released and as of late Tuesday afternoon was still waiting there for transportation details to be decided for him to head home to Channelview, Texas. He had been told that flight plans for him and four other students were in the works.

DeWayne had never been out of the state of Texas until last Friday.

"He was excited. The fact he was with other band kids, he was comfortable," said his older sister Sydney Benson.

Sydney said her mother woke her up with the news of the bus accident. DeWayne's cell phone was lost in the wreckage, so they were only able to speak with him briefly a few times Tuesday morning.

She continued, "He said he woke up to his band members screaming and then he felt a really big bump and then the bus flipped over."

DeWayne told his sister that he is sore and was shaken up at first, but he is not hurt.

"He said some students like, their legs were stuck under seats. You know they had fallen on top of each other and he tried his best to help before EMT's came in and told him he had to leave the bus," she explained.

Sydney had some friends on the bus and was able to find out that they are okay. She said the band is the pride of the high school and their small town.

Sydney shared that her brother loves being a part of the band and practices a lot. The sophomore plays bass clarinet and the band had prepared for a long time for their Orlando performance.

Sydney said DeWayne visited Universal Studios and Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom Park and Magic Kingdom. She said the trip is special and that members raise money for it for a long time.

"The go every four years so it was really cool that he was able to go," she said.

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