Flomaton High basketball player goes into cardiac arrest after game

Flomaton High basketball player goes into cardiac arrest after game

A Flomaton High School basketball player collapsed on the court Monday. His heart stopped beating for several minutes.

School officials say its a miracle 16-year old Deverick Williams is alive today. They said a big part of that is the fact they had a defibrillator on site.

This device had to be used several times when the sophomore basketball player collapsed after playing a pickup game.

Coach Leroy Steele said, "He was standing on the side. One of his teammates gave him water and he collapsed."

Steele said Williams was unconscious and his heart stopped beating for several minutes. Fortunately, school nurse Nikoleda Johnson just happened to be in the gym at the time and was able to start CPR immediately.

"You are taught these things in school, but you don't think about it really happening. I looked at it like he was my child and he needed help," said Nurse Johnson.

They still couldn't revive him. The school and the fire department, fortunately, had a few defibrillators.

Coach Steele said, " He was unresponsive, we never got him back here. We shocked him twice and were going to get another shock and that's when he started breathing and that's the miracle to me. "

He was transferred to Sacred Heart Hospital. His coach said doctors found out Williams has an enlarged heart. Williams is now at Shands Hospital in Gainesville for surgery.

The school went out and bought one more defibrillator on Tuesday morning. They plan to buy more in the future.

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