Florida politician calls for state-wide ban, amid Nike's controversial campaign

Florida politician calls for state-wide ban, amid Nike's controversial campaign

A controversial quarterback and a billion-dollar brand.

Since Nike unveiled their new 'Just Do It' campaign featuring controversial former NFL player Colin Kaepernick, opinions of the brand have been mixed.

Social media has been ablaze - quite literally.

Photos and videos of people lighting their Nike shoes and merchandise on fire began trending.

Even President Donald Trump is weighing in, tweeting "What was Nike thinking?"

Some politicians across the United States are now calling for a ban on the brand - most recently, Mike Hill.

"If money is their God, let's hit them where it counts," said Hill. "Let's take our money away from them."

A veteran with strong family ties to the military, the Republican nominee for Florida State District 1 is joining the crusade. Hill is requesting the state to divest itself from Nike.

"I don't understand this mindset of someone thinking that you can disrespect this country, which has given you so much, and expect to profit from that," said Hill.

Not everyone is against the campaign advertisement or Nike.

'Black-ish' star Jenifer Lewis hit the Emmy red carpet donning Nike from head-to-toe, sending a clear message of support.

Despite public backlash, repercussions have not been as bad as some may think. Reaching almost $84 a share, Nike stock is up and so are sales. That might not continue, however, if major partners like universities and entire states boycott the brand.

"We need to look at all contracts that Florida has with Nike, and where we can contractually - because it has to be done correctly by the rule of law - we should pull ourselves away from those contracts," said Hill.

We did reach out to the University of West Florida for their opinion on the issue. They declined to comment.

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