Florida primary election: Deadline to register is Monday

    Florida primary election: Deadline to register is Monday

    Time is running out if you want to vote in the upcoming Florida primary election. The deadline is Monday.

    Now more than ever, young people are getting ready to make their voices heard in the voting booth.

    The primary election will be August 28.

    Alexa Lapid, 18, and her friend Elizabeth will be voting for the first time this year.

    "I'm personally Republican, but it's funny because my parents are like Democrat and Republican," Lapid said.

    They say the Parkland shooting motivated them to register to vote.

    "It made it feel more real because they were our age group and they could've been our classmates or it could've been us," Lapid said.

    Arron Warren has been voting by mail for years. She said it's the easiest way to cast your ballot, but this year she won't be voting.

    "I don't feel like it is fair voting for people I don't know anything about," she said.

    Florida uses a closed primary system for its elections, meaning only voters registered with a political party can vote in that party's primary.

    Jay Thampi is a convicted felon. He said Florida could do much more to make it much easier for people like him to regain voting rights.

    "It's a long and lengthy process that you have to go through to get your rights back to vote, but I am in the process of getting it back and if you are - don't give up and keep fighting," Thampi said.

    You can register to vote by clicking here. The deadline for the election is in October.

    According to the State Division of Election, nearly 3.4 million people are registered with no party affiliation.

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