Foley mother arrested for child abuse now held by ICE for being undocumented immigrant

Police say Maria Cortes heated the spoon on the eye of the stove and pressed it to her son's lips. (WPMI)

Police in Foley say a 26-year-old mother tortured and abused her 6-year-old son using a scalding hot metal spoon.

Police say Maria Cortes heated the spoon on the eye of the stove and pressed it to his lips.

Police say she's confessed to crime and she says she lost her temper she was tired of the boy lying to her.

Pictures entered into evidence show the damage to the six-year-old boy's lips.

"Third degree burns to the lips you know that's soft tissue area and just the singeing of that area. It was swollen and the child went without medical care for three days," said Thurston Bullock, Asst. Police Chief with the Foley Police Department.

The incident happened Friday and police say the mother never sought medical attention she told police she feared she would be arrested.

Staff at Foley Elementary School noticed the 6-year-old did not come to school Monday and they reported his absence to police.

"And they also received some information from concerned citizens that there was something going on with the child that they may want to look into, and it gave them cause to call us and say there's something going on," said Bullock.

26-year-old Maria Cortes almost bonded out on a $10,000 bond, but it was then discovered she was in the country illegally. Today a judge re-set her bond at $100,000 and Federal Immigration - ICE has put a permanent hold on her release.

"She was stopped from bonding out to show up in court today and have her appearance today at that point it was a $10,000 pre set bond we have asked for $100,000 and the judge has granted the bond being set at $100,000," said ADA Matt Simpson.

The 6-year-old boy is with his father tonight. There were three other children in the home when this happened.

DHR is handling the case and say all the children are safe tonight.

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