Former special education teacher sentenced 7 years for abusing student with autism

Former Special education teacher sentenced 7 years for abusing autistic student . (Source: WEAR-TV)

Marilynn Stillions will spend up to seven years in prison after a judge in Okaloosa County sentenced her Thursday.

Stillions was convicted on three counts of child abuse back in October.

She was convicted for tripping, pushing and kneeing four-year-old Noah Perillo on various occasions, during the 2015-2016 school year at Kenwood Elementary.

Perillo has autism and at the time was nonverbal.

Noah's father Edward Perillo spoke to Channel 3 News about the sentencing. He said he feels a sense of justice after the sentence.

He said he didn't know about the abuse until more than a year after it happened.

Perillo to Channel 3 News he blames the Okaloosa County School District for "covering it up."

Now, Perillo has a civil lawsuit against the District.

According to Assistant State Attorney William Bishop, the state guidelines for the charges gave a minimum of 33 months and a maximum of 15 years.

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