Fort Walton Beach High School cafeteria providing vegan options for students

Fort Walton Beach High School cafeteria providing vegan options for students

There's a new trend at Fort Walton Beach High School - vegan lunch food. It's the first school in the area to serve vegan entrees from the school cafeteria.

"Today our vegan entree is our chickpea curry, today is a spicy curry, we also do a sweet curry. " said cafeteria manager Robin Brown.

Brown started making vegan entrees when the students started requesting it.

She said, "I was presented with a challenge, this kid eats vegan food." Her response was, "Challenge accepted! The fact they are enjoying it - that's butter on my toast. "

Tyler Jette was one of the students that made it happen.

"I had a couple of vegan friends. We all had lunch and no one really had anything to eat and I thought why don't we get vegan food in the school?"

He said the first day they were pleasantly surprised by the black bean burgers.

Brown said they even have a variety of vegan options.

"We have 4 different versions of bean burgers,” Brown said.

Jette said the response from the kids was great.

"This is really good and doesn't taste like regular school food. It's a big step up from what we normally get,” Jette said.

The teachers are even giddy about it. Physics teacher Cindy Stone says for the first time in her life she's excited to get in the school lunch line.

She said, "I had not eaten in at a school cafeteria since I was in 7th grade at Bruner Middle school. I packed my lunch for about 18 years and now I never bring my lunch because I know I can have a healthy lunch here."

Brown said her goal was to provide options for the students. She's stoked that they like it.

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