Gaetz on presidential visit: "We're gonna blow the top off the Bay Center"

Gaetz on presidential visit: "We're gonna blow the top off the Bay Center"

Laura Hussey: "Special treatment" of Hillary Clinton

Matt Gaetz: The current deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe used to be an agent at the Washington Field Office and during that time he sent emails saying that the Clinton investigation would be 'special' that it would be handled by a small team at headquarters and it would be treated differently than any other investigation of any other person in the Washington, D.C. area who mishandled classified information

Hussey, contrast that to the investigation of President Trump which has got 16 prosecutors on it even more than the number of people who investigated the Oklahoma City bombing for goodness sakes and so there's obviously a double standard here and that's why the Judiciary Committee is going to investigate.

Hussey: What kind of changes could be beneficial in the future?

Gaetz: Absolutely, Laura, Tomorrow the FBI director Christopher Wray will be testifying before the Judiciary Committee and we want him to assure us that there're gonna be changes in the oversight and transparency and practices and procedures at the FBI so that no director that chooses to go rogue like James Comey did will ever be able to depart from the practices that give us all confidence that the law's being applied equally so we're gonna want to see structural changes at the FBI to ensure that there's transparency, that there's reporting to the Congress and that we know if certain people are getting treatment that other Americans don't get.

Hussey: Let's talk about the Russia investigation

Gaetz: I'm not satisfied at all in the Mueller investigation. I think there are a number of conflicts of interest that have arose particularly one of the agents, Peter Struck who actually sent anti-Trump text messages to other people demonstrating his bias against the president while he was investigating him so that's deeply troubling. The real cost of this investigation, Laura, isn't just a dollar figure it's the cloud of uncertainty that this has placed over the Trump Administration now going on the first year of his presidency I think we need to wrap this up. If there's evidence of collusion I haven't seen it. Let's bring it forward but we need to move beyond this as Americans and we need to get to the actual reforms that can improve quality of life for the American people. I think when President Trump is in Pensacola this week, you'll hear far more about tax reform, about regulatory reform, about our efforts at the VA and far less about this silly Russia investigation.

Hussey: You and Pres. Trump will be here. I remember when you were starting your career and now you're introducing the president of the United States. How does that feel?

Gaetz: It's just wonderful. I was with President Trump last night at the White House and he was very excited about coming to Pensacola. He indicated he was looking forward to the trip down on Air Force One with me and really reuniting with the people that he gives credit for his win in the state of Florida. Ivanka said to me last night that as the returns were coming in she remembers placing drive time radio calls into our media markets in Northwest Florida, just the warm reception that the Trump family has received from our community and I think we're gonna blow the top off the Bay Center on Friday. It'll be a great welcome for our Commander in Chief.

Hussey: Timing of rally

Gaetz: Well, I've done enough rallies to know that there is no script and I'm certainly not going to get into predicting what the president will or will not say because he's unpredictable and so it'll be exciting. I think they'll be able to hear us in Alabama from the Bay Center and I think there will be a focus on the consequence of that election on the overall agenda that the president and the Republican Congress are attempting to move forward. Again, I don't know what he'll say. I know it'll be entertaining and I know it'll be unpredictable.

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