Gallery: Are you afraid of Santa Claus?

Gallery: Are you afraid of Santa Claus? (Source: MGN)

Its was the night before Christmas and a jolly old man with a red suit and white beard came down the chimney at night.

Hmm, that sounds a little scary, right?

Well, thank goodness it was Santa Claus and not the Grinch or a burglar.

Do you remember the first time you were told about Santa? My first experience and encounter with St. Nick was scary and indeed a frightful one.

My parents took me to the mall and we waited, and waited, and waited in a long line to see the world famous St. Nick.

Once I approached the picket white fence, there awaiting for me was a strange little man in a wintergreen colored suit and funny shaped ears.

I was shocked and amazed. I asked my parents "Why are his ears so pointy?" I was quickly scolded and told be nice to Santa's helper or you wouldn't get anything for Christmas.

Shortly afterwards I was quickly rushed up a few steps to a man sitting on throne and placed in his lap.

When I turned my head to face the jolly man, I instantly screamed to the top of my lungs! Aaah!!!

Who would ever think that seeing Santa Claus for the first time would be the most terrifying encounter of your life.

Your experience may have been quite different than mine but if so share your photos with us.

Today Channel 3 will ask you to ChimeIn your funniest #Scared of Santa photos.

You can upload your pictures here or text the word WEARTV to 95577.

Your photos or videos may appear online and on air.

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