Going, going Garman! Celebrate Christian's final week with WEAR

Meteorologist Christian Garman is leaving WEAR TV this Friday.

After just over 21 years at WEAR, Meteorologist Christian Garman announced this morning on “Three In The Morning” that he’s leaving the station. He’s accepted a position the University Of West Florida’s Innovation Institute in downtown Pensacola.

Christian has been hired to co-manage the Story Lab at the Institute. The Story Lab is a new endeavor that will work to showcase the stories of UWF students and faculty with the community and beyond. He'll work with writer Hadley Higginson, who was brought in as the other manager.

Christian was hired at WEAR in December of 1995 as a production assistant. He was running camera for Bob Solarski and Sue Straughn every evening during the 5, 6, and 10 p.m. newscasts. The timing was perfect because the then Chief Meteorologist, Ashley Chisholm, was taking maternity leave in May of 1996 and a weekend fill in was needed as shifts were shuffled.

Christian was given the job. The “lucky timing” streak continued for Christian because WEAR was launching a newscast on its sister station, WFGX, in June of 1996.

The nightly telecast was to air each day at 6:30, focusing on Okaloosa County. Christian was hired for the job and, just like that, had a five-day a week, evening weather job. He did this for almost a year.

The final huge break came when then “Three In The Morning” weather anchor Jeff Weeks decided he was ready to move on to another career. Thus opening up the spot.

Christian was hired for that position and began doing the job he’d hold for nearly 20 years in July of 1997.

Christian has covered the biggest weather stories in Northwest Florida since that time. Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis along with 2014 April flood and the ice storm that year are the events that stand out the most.

The tornadoes that struck the area in early 2016 are also events he won’t soon forget. Along with covering the weather, Christian is very proud of the podcast he produced for WEAR called Digital Downtime.

He co-hosted and co-produced the show with Travis Brown for nearly two years. Brown worked in the Creative Services department at WEAR at the time.

The podcast won an ADDY award in 2015.

In his years at WEAR Christian said he’s made some of the best friends he’ll ever have. He and morning anchor Jared Willets are particularly close.

Willets served as a groomsman in Christian’s wedding. He also points out that Sue Straughn is the one that got him in the building and has been a great friend ever since and that Allen Strum has been a wonderful department head and friend.

The most impactful event of his career came in late January of 2003. An upcoming Valentine’s Day giveaway on Three In The Morning required a promo shoot at a restaurant.

Each of the three anchors from the morning show needed dates. Christian was single at the time and the promotions department asked a young lady working in sales if she’d sit in as Christian’s date for the shoot.

She did, they hit it off, and a year and a half later he and Sheree were married. They have two daughters, Rylee and Gracie.

Christian said he knows he’ll miss the job. Often calling it the most fun work in Northwest Florida (except for during some of the terrible weather events referenced above).

He also said he’s really looking forward to working for his alma mater and loves that he’ll get to put so many of the skills that he learned at WEAR to good use at the Story Lab.

He’s quick to point out what he won’t miss, too. He said he’s more than ready to say goodbye to the 2:30 am wakeup call and working most holidays.

Christian’s last day on the air at WEAR is this Friday, December 30th.

You can send your well wishes to Christian on the WEAR news app!

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