"Ghost Cruiser" is FHP's new weapon

"Ghost Cruiser" is FHP's new weapon

There's a new and stealthy patrol car cruising the roads of northwest Florida, and you might not see it until the sirens come on.

The Florida Highway Patrol's new car has been nicknamed the "Ghost Cruiser." That's not what the troopers call it, but with markings that practically disappear at some angles the name is probably going to stick.

Officially, they call the reflective decals "subdued." Until the light hits the car just right, it's hard to tell it's part of the FHP fleet.

It's a bit of a cross between a marked vehicle and an unmarked one. Lieutenant Eddie Elmore said they're going outside the box to save lives.

"We could care less about writing citations," he explained. "What we're trying to do is change driving behavior. This vehicle brings another aspect to the motoring public; that we're going to see you, but you may not see us."

In addition to speeding, the focus for these cars is aggressive and distracted driving, reckless driving and road racing. There is one "subdued cruiser" for each patrol troop in the state, for a total of about a dozen. The one in our local district is primarily being used in south Okaloosa and Santa Rosa counties, which is where they see the most traffic congestion.

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