Graphic painting on Graffiti Bridge could land artist behind bars

Graphic painting on Graffiti Bridge could land artists behind bars

Many commuters were shocked driving underneath the Graffiti Bridge Tuesday morning. Anonymous artists displayed a detailed painting of a female body part on the iconic bridge. Many citizens were concerned over the artwork. Some found the drawing to be offensive.

"You don't have to be a woman to be offended by that, but I mean I have a mother, I have a girlfriend. Guys get a bad rep for stuff like that," said Chris Tate.

Channel 3 News contacted the Graffiti Bridge's social media account, but folks with the account did not want to go on camera. They posted a statement on their website along with an uncensored image of the painting.

"With The Graffiti Bridge your only limitations are your imagination and ability to create. Yes, some would say what was done this morning might be inappropriate but to others it's art. In the past we've tried to remain unbiased and post everything, but we realize that's not always possible on social media," the statement reads.

"I don't know about a freedom of expression, that's a little much," said Tom Hall, a concerned citizen.

Channel 3 News caught up with folks who were visiting the city to talk about the painting.

"Well I live in Amsterdam and in Amsterdam that would not cause any trouble," said Sarah Kee, a resident of Holland.

"I would not expect it in the United States not at all," said Ria Vaniueswejak, a resident of Holland.

Assistant State Attorney Greg Marcille said that any obscene painting could land a person behind bars.

"There is a specific statute that makes obscene material illegal and that it is punishable as a first degree misdemeanor," said Marcille.

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