Grieving mother questions removal of son's memorial

Memorial to be removed by county due to code violation. (Photo: WEAR)

A grieving mother is in tears after being told the memorial of her late son has to come down.

Jordan Bryant, 16, was killed back in April on Untreiner Avenue.

He was on his dirt bike and died after colliding with a car.

His friends and family immediately put up a memorial.

His mother Beverly Grice drives by it everyday.

She said, "It means a lot, my sons gone. That's where it happened, it means a lot to me. I'm able to see my son and his friends can leave flowers and pictures. "

Just recently she was informed that the memorial had to come down because it's on Escambia County right-of-way and it doesn't meet code requirements.

She said, "The kids started a memorial with flowers and added cross and put his picture. I didn't think it was a problem because they are all around Pensacola."

County officials told WEAR that someone made a complaint. Code enforcement was sent out because it is in the county right-of-way. The cross is set in concrete which isn't allowed on county property and the flowers and photos didn't meet county standards. There is a process when it comes to roadside memorials. An application must be submitted. If approved, they will place a county issued memorial.

County officials say they have required many others to adhere to the same rules. The county plans to replace it with a county approved memorial soon.

The rules for roadside memorials differ in different jurisdictions.

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