Gulf Power begins installing, replacing street lights along Cervantes Street

Gulf Power begins installing, replacing street lights along Cervantes Street

Local and state leaders are laying out their plan to make Cervantes Street safer nearly a week after a deadly hit-and-run crash.

On Tuesday morning they gathered in Brownsville to announce what is in the works and when.

Nearly 75 LED lights will be placed along Cervantes between A and Dominguez streets. Some are new, while others are replacing the old bulbs with the brighter LED lights.

"This is a replace and install, there are lights on Cervantes not working. Gulf Power crews are out there replacing those lights. There's going to be a new installation of poles to install lights, to ensure safety for families and children," said Keith Hoskins with Gulf Power.

The roadway has been a concern for years. Several studies have been done on it.

One by the Florida-Alabama Transportation Planning Organization found between 2010 and 2015 there were 31 crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists.

However, it was a slow process to make any changes to it because of funding and government red tape.

The lights were already in the pipeline, but Councilwoman Jewel Canada-Wynn said the recent tragedy sped things up.

"The process is extremely, extremely slow, but we worked with all agencies. We have made that first big step," she said. "DOT [Department of Transportation] has moved with lightning speed."

Leaders say this is just the first step and much more needs to be done.

Some other ideas are crosswalks and reducing the speed limit.

Community leaders are having a Transportation Planning Organization meeting on Wednesday to see what immediate improvements they can put in to make the road safe.

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