Gulf Power storm team on standby for Hurricane Florence

Gulf Power storm team on standby for Hurricane Florence. (Source: courtesy of Gulf Power)

The 76-person Gulf Power storm team was released on Thursday, shortly after beginning their trip to the Carolinas to assist with restoration following Hurricane Florence.

Gordon Paulus, Gulf Power spokesperson, says “With the hurricane weakening slightly as it approaches, the anticipated crew levels needed are being adjusted. “However, there is a chance we could be picked up by another utility between now and Monday.”

According to the report from Gulf Power, the storm is forecast to become a tropical storm as late as Saturday night in South Carolina.

Gulf Power stated the unpredictability of tropical storms means planning is constantly shifting and currently they are apart of a group which coordinates the placement of utility restoration teams.

Paulus says, “Once the utilities in North and South Carolina assess how much damage there is from the winds of Hurricane Florence and the flooding, we could very well be called to assist one of them." We are ready to help." Paulus says.

Gulf Power crews have deployed nearly 40 times since 2008 to help other energy companies restore power to their customers.

Recently crews were sent to Puerto Rico to help rebuild the energy grid following Hurricane Maria.

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