Exclusive: Gunmen targeted family's RV before shootout

Several men armed with guns tried stealing 59-year-old Edwin Roberts' RV before ambushing the people inside, Roberts' family claims.

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The Pensacola chiropractor and his wife were having a relaxing dinner after a day of hunting at the Circle Dug Ranch when they heard a noise a the door.

"My mom’s dog starts barking. There’s someone trying to get into the RV. My dad gets his weapon, identifies he has a weapon and tells whoever it is to leave. They say in English, 'we got weapons and we want your RV'," his son, Edwin Roberts II, said.

Two men with pistols were trying shoot their way inside.

Roberts went for the wheel - he honked the horn and alerted the camp - and got shot in the process. He was able to turn the RV on and drive it towards the camp house.

Two hunting guides heard the commotion and came outside to see what was going on. They ran back inside to grab their shotguns when they saw multiple people attacking the RV.

"Then he came back out, the RV was moving now and he thought they gotten in there and had either took my parents hostage or hurting them, so he tried to shoot the RV tires out with a buck shot which he did to stop the RV," Roberts II explained.

Walker Daugherty, 26, was shot in abdomen.

"All of a sudden, Walker is down. He gets hit from where the RV was. From a different direction, in the stomach, so he’s’ out cold," Roberts II said.

Roberts' wife put a tourniquet on her husband and applied pressure on Daugherty's wound, too. With the suspects gone an immediate call for help was out of the question - they didn't have reception.

"It takes several hours to get out there, and from what I understand, the military sent a helicopter. They life-flighted Mr. walker to El Paso and they took my dad to the city of Presidio and put him on a plane and took him to El Paso," Roberts II said.

Both men had surgery that night. Roberts had been shot three times, had some broken bones and lots of soft tissue damage.

Roberts' family says he has been discharged from the hospital and will fly into Pensacola Tuesday night.

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