Haitian students react to Trump derogatory comment on Haiti and African nations

Haitian students react to Trump derogatory comment on Haiti and African nations

President Trump is facing backlash over a remark about Haiti and African countries.

"A nation like Haiti, words should not be able to break us," said University of West Florida (UWF) student Alex Francois.

"It's not a s***hole country," said President of UWF Haitian Student Organization Lee Vildor.

"Haiti is so much more than what that comment was said," explained UWF Student Jamaal Eveillard.

As someone from south Haiti, three University of West Florida students said they are deeply offended and saddened by President Trump's remarks about their homes.

It happened while the president was trying to iron out a deal on immigration with lawmakers.

The president reportedly grew angry when he was told the developing deal would include protections for immigrants from African countries and Haiti.

Jamaal Eveillard and his family just returned from Haiti last month serving communities there who need help.

"It's a culture contrast, you see the poverty and the beauty," said Eveillard.

Alex Francois said the comments the president used to describe his hometown along with African nations is disturbing.

"If you don't know about the history of what Haiti has done or what the African nations have done for the entire world you will not be able to understand the true meaning behind those type of countries," Francois mentioned.

"You keep on saying you're trying to make a change for the better but to make a change for the better you have to know where it came from," Vildor said.

Trump's tweet was also referenced dozens of times by Democrats debating immigration reform in the state house Friday afternoon.

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