Have you received your flu vaccine?

Have you received your flu vaccine? (Source: MGN/ Photo: Photo: Pixabay

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WEAR’s Sue Straughn spoke with Lauren Bacon, a Nurse Practitioner from Sacred Heart Health System who explained why it’s important to get the flu shot.

The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by the influence virus.

According to Nurse Practitioner Lauren Bacon, the flu shot prevents the flu and its 40% to 60% preventive.

Bacon says, “If you get the flu, after you get the shot, it’s less severe, last a shorter duration and also helps you protect those whom you come in contact with...”

Bacon explains, typically the elderly, cancer patients, pregnant women, newborn babies and people with compromised immune systems are the most susceptible to catching the flu.

Children starting at the age of six months should be vaccinated, and the flu shot is recommended for everyone says Bacon.

The Nurse Practitioner also discussed common myths associated with the flu. She says patients ask questions, such as, will I get the flu if I take the flu shot?

Bacon says, “it’s not possible the get the flu from the flu vaccine.” The vaccine is made in one of two ways, both which the flu virus has been killed and inactivated, explains Bacon. This means the flu vaccine is not infectious.

According to Bacon, “A lot of tines people get exposed to the flu before they get the vaccine and the symptoms may not have progressed enough at the time they get vaccine.”

Bacon explained the differences between flu symptoms and the common cold. Here’s how you can tell the difference.

The flu is symptoms are usually more serve, patients can experience headaches, fatigue, high fevers. Cold symptoms are generally on set and less severe. Patients can experience sinus and chest congestions.

For more information about the flu vaccine contact your primary physician, or click here to visit Sacred Heart Hospital website or click here to visit Florida's Department of Health.

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