Help is finally on the way for families living in Milton mobile home park


People living in a mobile home park just north of Milton have been without water for nearly a week.

Melissa Nason has lived in the Westgate Mobile Home Park since Hurricane Ivan.

She was settled here by FEMA and eventually bought her place.

In late June, a judge ordered the water to be shut off by July 13th, because the landlord had failed to make repairs to the septic system. That's when the residents got together and went to court.

Nason says, "As a community we filed an emergency motion to rescind the judge’s order to get some time. We did offer some resolution to that. To come together as a community to pull our own permit to either repair or replace that."

But the court said no. So the 32 people living in the 12 mobile homes here continue to struggle without water.

A representative from "Legal Services of North Florida" offered some good news, telling residents they had legal recourse, because the landlord is violating state law. Christine Kelly-Fausel of Legal Services said, "A landlord cannot cause any utilities to be turned off. They should be able to seek an injunction to remove that and have a court order them to fix it."

Late Thursday, the United Way announced it was stepping in.

Guy Thompson of the United Way says, "We are going to step up and do everything we can to relocate these people into more permanent housing, that will be safe for them, sanitary for them."

Thompson says the United Way will provide the residents money for food, a deposit on a new place, and first month’s rent.

Thompson says there is no little or no help otherwise for people in this position. "You won't find United Way doing this kind of thing. But we are in a county that's small that doesn't have agencies that can step up and do it."

Channel 3 News has been unable to reach the landlord.

The residents say they were told by the health department that she is now in another state and has no plans to fix the problems at the park.

Channel 3 News will have more on this tonight at 10 p.m.

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