Home still standing after Hurricane Michael ravages neighborhood

Home still standing after Hurricane Michael ravages neighborhood. ( Source: WEAR-TV)

Mexico Beach was the hardest hit area from Hurricane Michael.

The search and rescue has now turned to search and recovery on Mexico Beach.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) search crews told Channel 3 News they’ve now recovered three bodies.

Tuesday’s search crews entered the marsh area more inland looking for any victims. The situation is still dire and stressful. But in the middle of all this mass devastation, we noticed something peculiar- a house still standing after Hurricane Michael's aftermath.

Just a few homes are still standing in this area. One of the homes stands almost unscathed. It was just built in April. Russell King and his nephew built it with strength in mind. The home is rated to handle 250 miles per hour winds.

King’s home is built out of concrete, and it also has Hardie siding on top of that. The builders used the highest level of Hurricane impact windows. The Pilings are 40 feet long vs a standard of 30 feet long. They also had a contractor secure each door the day before the storm came in.

“My thoughts were build a home that is a as hurricane proof as you can get it in a couple of things we didn’t do, we wish we would have done “, says King.

King says, a small thing like having a camera mounted on the deck almost compromised it. That’s a big lesson learned. But he’s happy with other decisions. Two outer window panes were shattered but King says that’s what they are supposed to do. The owner of the home said, the inside house also held up.

King estimates the upgrades cost about 20% more than standard beach construction. But well worth it.

“If there’s anything from my house I could help someone build anywhere I’ll be a wonderful reward for us know when we helped in that way plus looking at the mistakes we made the ones we know about the ones we don’t so they’ll build safer house for people because this is not going to go away”, says King.

Now King is having engineers come back out and make sure the home is structurally sound. He will take any advice they may have to make it stronger.

The next storm is coming I don’t know when but it’s coming and we need to prepare for it.

Residents in Mexico Beach currently do not have electricity or running water; however, we are seeing small growth and progress. The communication lines are back up in the area and and the roads are cleared.

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