Hotels remain optimistic despite incoming weather

Source: MGN

The stormy weather forecast could have an impact on tourism as we kick off the "100 Days of Summer."

All the forecasts indicate these sunny skies will soon give way to liquid sunshine.

Hotels are hearing from some visitors who are re-evaluating their plans, but so far they're not seeing a mass exodus.

"We have had some cancellations because people are concerned about the weather and are afraid that, you know, the weather might be too bad for them to travel and such," said Lori Christopher with Wyndham Resort. "For the most part, it hasn't been, you know, too bad as far as that goes."

Hoteliers are making other preparations to serve tourists who will likely spend some of their time indoors.

Over at the Gulfarium, the shows goes on rain of shine. Rain can actually be good for business.

"We certainly do get a little bit of an uptick at times when we get some rain as well," said Gulfarium general manager Patrick Berry. "It's a great place to come whether it's sunny or when it's rainy as well."

The Visitors Information Center is fielding questions about the weather... and a few other things.

"What else can they do if they can't get on the beach? So, that's what we've been talking to them about," said Jennifer Adams with the Emerald Coast Visitors Center.

But some people already on their holiday getaway say they'd still come to the panhandle and that they believe the rain will pass.

Locals know regardless of the weather businesses and attractions will be busy. People will still have fun with family and friends.

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