Hundreds pack downtown Pensacola for March For Our Lives rally

Hundreds pack downtown Pensacola for March For Our Lives rally

The massive movement March For Our Lives happened all across the country, including in Pensacola.

More than 500 people flocked to downtown Pensacola Saturday morning, nearly a month after 17 people were killed in a shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

People from different walks of life were standing side by side demanding action from Congress on gun violence as they marched through the downtown area to get lawmakers attention.

A spirited but peaceful group, including students and their families, are saying they've had enough.

Signs were held high as people marched while chanting, cheering and rallying for school safety and stricter gun laws along the way.

Megan Illanes, 16, is a student at West Florida High School.

Illanes wants stricter gun control and for adults to take students like her seriously.

"Sometimes I doubt how safe I feel at school because we have all of these issues," Illanes explained.

Some parents who were there say they support the second amendment but can't understand the gun culture.

"No one needs an assault weapon, no one needs weapons of war," said Tania Henson.

Other parents say the march will help bring light to problems that face our country.

"People are out and they don't care about the politics it is more about a common sense thing," added Demerce Pierre.

It is a worldwide day of action sparked by students after 17 people were killed at Stoneman Douglas High School last month.

"These kids that are 17 will be voting next year and finally I’m hopeful that something will change," Henson added.

Students in our area say those from Stoneman Douglas High School inspired them to get involved.

"This is our lives we're fighting for right now," Illanes said.

Organizers say the message is clear - something needs to be done to keep students safe at school.

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