Hurricane Chris remains a category 2

Hurricane Chris is acceleration northeast

Hurricane Chris remains a category 2 hurricane Wednesday morning with max winds of 100 mph. Thankfully, Chris is quickly moving away from the United States. We like to call storms like this "fish storms"...ones that never impact land. Chris is racing northeast at 22 mph.

The reason for the quick intensification of Chris is due to warmer water and light wind shear once it began to move northeastward. As Tropical Storm Chris stalled off the Carolina Coast, all the wave action pulled cool water from below the surface which prevented any strengthening in that location. Once Chris began to move out of that cooler pocket of water, it got back into warmer waters and intensified to our second hurricane of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

The National Hurricane Center put out its last advisory on Beryl Sunday night, however, they are still giving it a 50 percent chance for redevelopment as the remnants of Beryl are in the southern Bahamas. Right now, wind shear is too high and there is still "cooler" water left over from Hurricane Chris. Redevelopment or not, this will not be an issue for the United States as it will follow in the track of Hurricane Chris.

Elsewhere in the Atlantic, no new tropical cyclone formation is expected in the next 5 days.

Always have your hurricane preparedness plan ready!

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