Hurricane Michael evacuees get married at Pensacola Beach

Hurricane Michael evacuees get married at Pensacola Beach

When Saya and Brad Barnes got engaged four months ago, they never imagined the life they’d be living now.

"Put the mattress on top of us again and everything was shaking it was like trains everywhere,” said Saya Barnes. “It just came at us. We sat together and prayed. We said, ‘Please God, just please save us.'"

Their home, businesses and everything they owned in Panama City were destroyed by Hurricane Michael.

However, one thing did withstand the storm — their love for each other.

"We're at the point in our lives where we want to start a new life and we'd figure we'd start it together because we've lost everything and this is my best friend,” said Brad Barnes.

The two started rebuilding their lives by evacuating to Gulf Breeze.

Sunday night the couple was playing bingo at the Elks Lodge Club in Pensacola Beach. Brad told the group the two wanted to get married. The next day, workers made it possible.

"I cannot believe what everyone has done for us. I can't thank you guys enough. We were planning on a courthouse wedding,” said Saya Barnes.

The business organized their wedding for free.

"When they found out that we here on Pensacola Beach went through the same thing years ago... she even started crying a little bit,” said Ron Christian, the manager of the Elks Club Lodge. “She said it's so good to have talked to people who have been there and done that."

The two came together as one on Pensacola Beach, but are still never forgetting their hometown.

"Just pray for the Panhandle. That's all you can do. Pray for our people,” said Brad Barnes.

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