Ice on NWFL roadways: FHP issues travel advisory

Photo: Road Hazards Source: Pixabay

Black ice has been reported on several roadways across Northwest Florida and Florida Highway Patrol is urging drivers to take caution while navigating roads.

The following roads have been closed due to icy conditions:

I-110 at mile marker 2 is closed
I-10 westbound at mile marker 10 - traffic is being diverted onto US Highway 29.

With the possibility of freezing rain and sleet over the next few days, FHP will have additional Troopers on duty to monitor road conditions.

Keep these safety tips in mind while driving:

1. Drive at or below the speed limit.
2. Increase following distance.
3. Know if your vehicle has anti-lock brakes.
4. If your vehicle does not have anti-lock brakes you may need to pump your brakes to keep the brakes from locking up.

If you see any issues on the roads, report them by dialing (*FHP)*347

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