Instead of paying for a gym membership, try these at-home workouts

Photo: Lauren Wolfe and Jasmine Banowa are working out in a living room - and you can, too!

Instead of paying for a gym membership, why not just stay in your living room? Jasmine Banawa is a new mom and fitness coach. Her life can get busy, so she works out at home.

"Yes so I've been a Beach Body coach for the past seven years. My husband and I have been through a lot of life changes just recently having our son and so we base our fitness here at home. It's a lot easier for our lifestyle - we're super busy - and it's just a lot more convenient, especially for our son," said Banawa, of Pensacola Fit Club.

Banawa demonstrated some easy workouts that people can do without even leaving their living room.

"Our first move we're going to do is a pushup side arm balance. It's a great move to work out your chest, your core and basically full body since it's going to involve some planks," said Banawa, "The first thing we're going to do is we're going to get into plank position. Make sure that your wrists are under your shoulders. We're going to go in for a pushup and then slowly move into a side arm balance."

Banawa told Channel 3's Lauren Wolfe that there are household items that could help your workouts. Banawa helped her lift canned items instead of weights.

If folks want to work out with Banawa, she said she is active in the community hosting free fitness events.

"Yeah Pensacola Fit Club every Tuesday night at the Wedgewood Community Center. All fitness levels are welcome it's all about positive motivation," Banawa.

Banawa ended the 'at home work-out' segment with a core workout.

"The last thing we're going to do is a core workout. Core is also great for stability. We're going to lift both of our legs. Here this is all about the core working abs. Everybody wants to work abs, especially after the holiday," said Banawa.

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Get in touch with Jasmine: Jasmine. or CLICK HERE to head to her website.

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