It’s a miracle: Blind 4-year-old girl reunites with lost cat

Photo: The Hilliard family reunites Angel with the Howell family Dec. 10th, 2017 Source: WEAR Jamarlo Phillips / Maxwell Nadsady

Heartwarming footage is capturing the emotional reunion between a two-year-old cat named Angel and her blind four-year-old best friend Charley.

But this story started several months ago when Angel escaped from their home in September.

Charley's mother Heather Howell went to Facebook to try and find the cat.

She said she was devastated because Charley has known her cat since she was a baby. Charley is also battling brain cancer.

Heather said they played in the house together and Angel let her hug and cuddle with her as she grew older.

"We went to the shelter a couple of different times and looked and called them several different times and looked. I looked on the Pet Harbor, I probably looked on that thing once a night," said Heather.

Heather’s Facebook post garnered more than 500 shares.

The family looked everywhere for their cat but later ended up spotting Angel on Facebook in the arms of another family.

"Oh man I cried all day, I was a wreck, I just couldn't believe it," Heather said.

Heather then asked for help to get in touch with them.

That's how their lives intersected with Vanessa Hilliard. Her family recently adopted the cat from a shelter as a Christmas gift to her daughter.

Hilliard said after seeing Heather's post on Facebook it was no question to return Angel back to her original owner.

"I believe if [sic] anyone was in our position or predicament would've done the same thing,” said Hilliard.

Now, one special girl has her best friend back by her side.

"There are still so many awesome people in the world," said Heather.

"That was the calmest she was since she's been with us when she heard her voice," Hilliard added.

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