Ivey becomes second elected female governor of Alabama

(image: WPMI) Ivey campaigns after casting vote for herself

Despite being considered the heavy favorite, the Ivey campaign says it's working until the polls close to get their message out and pick up votes. Governor Kay Ivey campaigning today in Birmingham after voting this morning in Montgomery. The 74-year-old has been criss-crossing the state in the home stretch, stopping twice on the coast in the last five days.

She's been hammering home her message of record jobs under her leadership and steadying the ship after taking the reigns April 2017 from Governor Bentley who resigned in disgrace after a sex scandal. Ivey says the polls look good for her and she was impressed with today's turnout.

"This is the longest line I have ever seen and I've been here since 1980," said Ivey.

"What do you think that says?" asked a reporter.

"That voters are aware and they want results. And hopefully they are going to get more results with Kay Ivey," replied Ivey.

We expect the Governor to arrive here shortly before 7pm to meet with supporters and begin monitoring the returns. Once it's decided, she'll take the stage. We will be caring her remarks live on air and online.

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