REPORT: New victim comes forward at Washington High School

Mark Lua's mugshot from February 6th, (Photo: Escambia County Jail View)

An Escambia County English teacher from Washington High School has been arrested again.

This third arrest came after a third victim, 18-years-old, has come forward yesterday, a report states, claiming she was also "sexually battered" by Mark Lua.

According to a report, the new victim told a school resource officer Lua befriended her at Ferry Pass Middle School and the reconnected while he taught at Washington High School.

The report states between December 2017 and December 2018 Lua used used a two-way device or computer services for obscene communication.

It revealed the two communicated on Lua's fake Instagram account.

According to the report, the fake account began asking the new victim to do something sexual with Lua to relief stress because his wife was pregnant.

According to the Escambia County Jail View, Mark Lua is being held without bond for using a computer for obscene communication to seduce/solicit or lure a child.

On January 30th, Escambia County Jail View showed he was arrested for sexual assault of a 16 or 17-year-old, illegal use of a two-way device and several other charges.

Lua was originally arrested by the Pensacola Police on two felony counts for soliciting a student to send an inappropriate video, an arrest report states.

Reports also indicate a student at Washington High School contacted Lua on Instagram, and sent a video to him.

Lua was charged with cruelty towards child: direct promote sexual performance by child, and use of two-way device to facilitate a felony.

Escambia County Sheiff’s Office and Pensacola Police Department still have an active investigation against Lua.

Lua has been suspended until the investigation is complete.

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