Jury hears interrogation during trial in baby murder case

Photo: Cornelius Kendale Nickson

A video played during the trial showing the initial interrogation of Cornelius Nickson Thursday. Investigators asked him what happened to the toddler.

"The child was in your custody?," asked investigators.

"I know. I feel bad. It was my fault, but I don't know what happened to her in that little bit of time frame," Cornelius Nickson told them.

Nickson told investigators that the baby was left in his supervision for five to ten minutes. Donna Williams, grandmother of Aniyla Mitchell, still doesn't understand how this could happen.

"How did he not know the child's body go limp? Anybody can tell when a child's body go limp," said Williams.

Family members told Channel 3's Lauren Wolfe Nickson was the only one around at the time. On October 21st 2015, Escambia Sheriff's Deputies arrived on scene at Sacred Heart Hospital for a call on a child abuse case. They noticed the toddler was being treated for blunt force trauma to the back of the head. The 14-month-old died two days later in the Pediatric Care Unit.

"I honestly don't know the truth cause we weren't there. The hospital says she was unconscious for a few hours," said Tatiana Williams, mother of toddler.

Tatiana said that she just wants this trial to be over, so she can move on. Family members are still mourning the loss of their baby.

"She was sweet and she was just a fun, just happy just crawling all over the place. I miss my baby. Yes she was a sweet baby. I'm like oh my God I miss her so much," said Donna Williams.

Court officials say testimony is expected to take a few more days to wrap up.

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