Key witness testifies in deadly drive-by shooting trial

Key witness testifies in deadly drive-by shooting trial. (Source: WEAR-TV)

The prosecution continued to present its case Thursday against three men being tried together for a deadly drive-by shooting.

It happened last year in Milton. Witnesses for the prosecution have placed the trio at the scene and are using their own words against them.

The chaotic scene happened on February 4, 2017.

When it was over Thomas Buckhalter was dead, a woman seriously injured and a third person also shot.

Kyhem Johnson, Dedric Davis and Walter Ford are all charged.

State witness Melissa Pocopanni, who owned the car used and was in it the night of the murder, will be tried later.

On Thursday, she testified about what she saw.

"They rolled the windows down, stuck the guns out the window and started firing" she said.

Pocopanni told jurors says she knew the defendants were up to something illegal, but she claims she had no idea they had a shooting in mind.

Pocopanni, who said she takes 8 different medications, admitted being high that night on alcohol and marijuana.

She also admitted to memory lapses.

“Honestly, I had a little bit of memory problems at my deposition” she said. “I had some memory problems, but fully remember that night."

The state also put on testimony from Ronald Green, defendant Johnson’s cousin.

H said Johnson discussed the shooting after it happened.

"What did Dre tell you he and wally did?” prosecutors asked.

“He told me they pulled up to Applegate and they rolled down there windows and shot” Green testified.

“They seen people falling".

Green, who says he initially lied to police, said he came forward after a Milton detective said he could place green in the car at the time of the shooting.

The trial resumes Saturday, but could continue into the weekend.

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