Kugelman Foundation donates $250K to proposed Pensacola skate park

Photo source: WEAR-TV

A proposed skate park in Pensacola is getting a big financial boost. The Kugelman Foundation donated $250,000. The park will be built under the Interstate 110 overpass near Hayne Street.

It's going to make a big difference in the skating community. Cohen Thornburgh,11, has been skating since he was three years old.He wants to be a professional skateboarder, but there aren't many free places to skate in Pensacola.

He said, "There aren't many places to skate so people skate in people's properties. Kids are doing that because they don't have any place to skate."

A downtown skate park has been in the works for the past few years, but the big hold up was funding.

On Wednesday, $250000 was given from the Kugelman Foundation. It's going to allow construction to start on the skate park in 2018.

Jane Lauter of the Kugelman Foundation said, "It's going to be a great place for families, kids. It's taking a great part of our area and making it better."

Jon Shell of Upward Intuition has been behind the whole project. He said it will be much more than a skate park. There will be food trucks, live music, and jogging paths.

Shell said, "It's going to be very transformative and connect these two neighborhoods that have been separated for years. It's going to be bikeable, walkable, and skateable. "

The project will be done in phases, and they are still trying to raise money for the entire project. The project is expected to cost over $2 million.

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