League of Women Voters to lobby for stricter gun laws

League of Women Voters to lobby for stricter gun laws

The League of Women Voters are lobbying for stricter gun laws throughout the state.

In a small room at the Tryon Branch Library, men and women sit and listen to Patti Brigham, the first Vice President of the League of Women Voters as she explains what she believes Florida can do to be a 'Smarter Gun State.'

"We believe in educating the voters. If you have the knowledge, if you're armed with the facts, they're going to make better choices. When you vote, for example on amendments, when you vote for candidates, so we believe in educating in gun safety," Brigham said.

Brigham touched upon this summer's deadly shooting at Pulse Night Club in Orlando, as a big reason behind this current push.

"We are going to work on expanded background checks and a ban on semi-automatic assault weapons here in Florida. It may take a while, it could take a long time, but we'll get there," Brigham said.

The League of Women Voters have been strongly involved in gun safety for several years, according to Brigham. They have fought and won, against a number of bills for the state.

Rosemary Hays-Thomas, a former college professor, hopes the organization can do it again.

"People have a right to have guns, I am not against the second amendment," Hays-Thomas said. "It's just outrageous that in this state we do such a poor job of managing the guns that so many people have."

The league wants to close gun show loopholes and ban semi-automatic assault weapons, according to Brigham. The group plans on fighting against the NRA's bills for open carry and campus carry in the state, next year.

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