License plate warning: online services may charge extra

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    Renewing your car registration online is quick and easy, but if you're not careful, you could end up paying a higher fee.

    Okaloosa County Tax Collector Ben Anderson says his office hears a lot of complaints about third party processors.

    Those vendors operate websites that may top the list of an online search.

    They'll renew your tag, and charge you extra for the service.

    Dorene White renewed her tag online. She later learned she paid a lot more, because she went through a processing service.

    White said, "The total was double, there was a registration fee and a Florida registration fee."

    She called the company.

    "You're paying for a convenience,' she says. 'This is a convenience fee. We're doing this for you,'" Dorene said.

    The company eventually agreed to refund part of that convenience fee.

    Anderson said, "It is legal, Florida law does allow private tax agencies to assist citizens around the state."

    He said, before you click to pay, be sure you're on the official tax collector's website for your county.

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