Live with George Lowe on Day 1 of Pensacon!

Photo: Channel 3's Ashley Ruiz interviewed Space Ghost's George Lowe live on our Dayside broadcast.

Fans are lining up outside the Pensacola Bay Center to pick up their tickets for day 1 of Pensacon. The convention brings dozens of celebrity guests.

Channel 3's Ashley Ruiz talked to Space Ghost actor George Lowe outside of the Bay Center. We're sure you'll recognize him as the voice of Space Ghost Coast to Coast and his other roles in Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, American Dad and more!. This is his second year at Pensacon.

He shared what he's most excited about for Pensacon weekend.

"This weekend, just first off, getting out of the house. Being a shut in, it's always relatively exciting to leave the house, even in a turboprop aircraft, which is how I flew yesterday," he joked to Ruiz.

You can meet him at his table at the comic convention.

"Last year it was me and Vern Troyer. Vern is not a guy you wanna Tangle with. Mini-Me can be a little on the crazy side. He's, you know, riding around in a little scooter misbehaving, driving accidentally into beautiful girls," he said.

He will do voicemails, autographed pictures for "the guys who've actually heard of the shows I've been on."

"I'll be here all weekend - so come to the big building...bring your family and friends and other shut ins like me," he quipped.

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