Local animal shelter closing its doors after lack of funding

Local animal shelter closing its doors after lack of funding. (Source: WEAR-TV)

A Pensacola animal shelter is falling on hard times and will be closing their doors soon.

Phoenix Rising is a rescue and adoption center that has been open since 2014 but they say they have to close because of a lack of money.

The adoption officials says they've helped find homes for nearly 200 dogs this year.

Carrie Turner, owner of Phoenix Rising says "This is my heart, we won't break down but I gave my life for this."

"We can only take in a dog if we have the financial ability to see that dog through whatever it takes. And most of the time when a dog comes in, we don't know what we're looking at. But we always rely heavily on the community and they always come through. But without [help from the community]... rescues just don't have it sitting in the bank, says Turner.

The shelter is trying to find homes for five more dogs before shutting down.

According to their website, most of the shelter's dogs stay in foster homes until they are adopted.

The shelter focuses primarily on pit-bulls, which they say get a "bad rap" in the media.

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