Local church hoping to feed and help homeless pets in Pensacola

Local church hoping to feed and help homeless pets in Pensacola

A local church is working to donate bags of pet food for homeless animals. Members of New Hope Christian Center told Channel 3 News they are making it their mission to donate the bags every weekend. They are teaming up with Pets of the Homeless, a nonprofit organization based in Nevada.

One of the places in need of pet food is Sean’s Outpost, a homeless community hidden in the woods.

Channel 3 News spoke with Katherine Warren, a woman who was evicted from her home months ago and now lives at Sean’s Outpost with her dog, Buster.

"It's hard for him too. I mean people don't think about animals about having feelings or having to adjust, but I've seen changes in him. It does affect him as well as the whole family,” said Warren.

Warren told Channel 3 News that she is happy the church is helping in the homeless community. Members of the church said they usually feed the homeless or people who are less fortunate. While doing that, they noticed that oftentimes the people would use those meals to feed their pets.

"The need is the fact that these people love their pets, just like if you have one you love your pet. They use what little they have to take care of their pet,” said James Shoemaker, a board member of New Hope Christian Center.

The church is also looking for a veterinarian to help with medical needs.

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