Local educators react to Governor DeSantis's elimination of Common Core

(Source: WEAR-TV)

Governor Ron DeSantis is eliminating Common Core standards from public schools in Florida.

He issued an executive order Thursday.

"One of the things we would constantly hear about on the campaign trail was a frustration with a lot of parents in particular with this idea of Common Core,” said Governor DeSantis at a press conference.

Santa Rosa County School Superintendent Tim Wryosdick supports that decision.

He believes the change is needed.

“Let’s really examine how that has affected teaching and how it has affected everything from teacher recruitment to teacher retention,” said Wryosdick.

Common Core was implemented in Florida schools in 2010.

It set teaching standards for classes like math and reading. Critics believe the guidelines are too rigid.

“That flexibility is the real key for our teachers and listening to teachers and understanding how they’re feeling. It's this regimented and very strict, confining type of curriculum. It really doesn’t meet the needs of students,” said Wryosdick.

Ronda Chavers is the president of the Santa Rosa Professional Educators, a local teacher union.

She likes the idea of getting rid of Common Core, but worries about the impact that could have on schools.

“He can sign the executive order, but there’s a lot of time, resources, curriculum, alignment that teachers and administrators and the district has to do to get ready when there is a standard change,” said Chavers.

She is also concerned about the costs that will come with the curriculum change.

“Is he prepared to put the funding in place to change the textbooks and have the training on the new standards? It’s going to be costly to the tax payers,” said Chavers.

Governor DeSantis said the changes will not happen this year.

The state’s education commissioner will have to come up with a new plan first before it will be sent to the legislature.

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