Local man beats cancer naturally

A local man has put more than 3000 hours of research into a book about how to beat cancer using natural remedies. He claims he has proof it works: his very own life. The book went to #1 on an Amazon cancer book list.

Joe Marx was told he had a 17 percent chance of surviving esophageal cancer back in 2013. "It was quite a shock, stage 2."

The tumor was 4 centimeters large and was rapidly growing. Doctors suggested surgery but he felt the side effects were too great. That's when the former math and science teacher started reading everything he could find. He found that there are some things that make cancer grow and others that make it die. He found cancer thrives in an acidic environment so he started a high alkaline diet, which is mostly fruits and vegetables. His tumor shrunk.

He said, "I had an endoscopy before I started treatment. It went from 4 cm which is about an inch and a half, to 1.5 cm which is half an inch. It's remarkable. It was before I had even gotten treatment. ...You can absolutely stop the growth of cancer with your diet."

He then received chemotherapy to kill any remaining cancer cells. He was cancer free for 2 years, and then it came back and spread.

He said, "it was a head on collision. I'm doing everything right, how did this thing come back?"

He had surgery to remove the tumor but refused the chemo this time. Doctors told him he would likely die. He kept researching and that's when he found what he believes was the missing piece of the puzzle. He found a study that took the amino acid methionine out of diets and found that cancer died.

He said, "They found methionine is the only amino acid, if you restrict it cancer will die. I was like are you kidding me, why doesn't anyone know this?"

Methionine is found in a lot of food, but mostly meats, fish and dairy. Joe is now vegan. It's a far cry from how he used to eat.

He used to eat "Cheeseburgers, french fries, loved fish. Every food I just named is extremely high in methionine."

His first scan was 4 months later and was negative. He has now been in remission for 9 months. He showed us the scans and the tests.

"I'm totally in remission. I'm totally cancer free and all my tests keep coming back negative. It's by the grace of God, but God also gives us the knowledge to attack these things."

He wants people to always follow doctors orders and he encourages conventional treatment, but he feels pairing it with his findings certainly couldn't hurt anything.

He wants other cancer patients to have this information and that's why he wrote the book, Victory over Cancer.

"This stuff is not widely known. It's not part of the national discussion at all. I think a lot of people are needlessly dying or could prolong their life."

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