Local school holds 17-minute walkout honoring victims of South Florida shooting

Local school holds 17-minute walkout honoring victims of South Florida shooting

One local high school made a statement on Friday, standing in support of the Parkland high school students and honoring the students killed in the Valentine's Day shooting.

Demonstrations on a high school campus are seldom popular with the school administration, but this one was different.

In fact, the student body at Navarre High School had the blessing of the school.

"They wanted to show the State of Florida their compassion and empathy they are feeling for the victims and their families. And they just wanted their principal to be on board with that," said Navarre Principal Brian Noack.

Rather than just stage a walkout, students chose to hold their peaceful show of support for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victims in the hallway of their school.

"Everyone goes through the motions, they say keep them in your thoughts and prayers, keep talking about it, but no one does anything. We want to rally support to get something done," said Navarre senior Jaren Palmasani.

The observance lasted 17 minutes, a minute for each of those who lost their lives.

The Raider Nation felt this was important and the right thing to do.

"We wanted to empower the students to know this is the last school shooting. Never again. We want them to know they have a voice," said Navarre junior Eden Davenport.

Their principal said he couldn't be prouder.

"They want to do things the right way," Noack said.

During the student-organized event, poems were recited and names of each victim were read.

Students said they will carry the moment with them forever with the realization their voices must be heard.

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