Local students participate in National Walkout Day

Photo source: Channel 3's Hannah Mackenzie

On the one-month anniversary of the Parkland High School shooting, students across the country walked out of their classrooms for National 'Walk-Out' Day.

The Escambia County School District warned students that they would be in trouble if they decided to walk out, but some decided to take the risk.

Four students walked out of Pensacola High School holding signs that read: 'fear school' and 'thoughts and prayers don't save lives'.

Meanwhile, hundreds of students decided to work with administrators by piling into their gymnasium for a 17-minute ceremony to honor the 17 lives lost.

"I wanted to have an opportunity for students here in Pensacola to recognize them and to recognize the students who lost their lives a month ago," said Lauren Hagy, a Pensacola High School senior.

Hagy, who organized the event, told Channel 3 that after the horrific shooting in Parkland, school does not feel safe anymore.

"It's terrifying to think about when you go through campus and you just don't feel safe anymore. There's been shootings before but none so close as the one at Stoneman Douglas and being a fellow Florida student it's pretty terrifying," said Hagy.

Hagy said the ceremony focused on school safety, mental health, and helping students be aware of each other's well-being.

"The school now has a form that you can fill out to report if you see someone struggling or if you feel that they may be a threat to themselves or to others. We can really make sure the community is taking care of it," said Hagy.

Hagy told Channel 3 that students can fill out the forms anonymously. She hopes it will help her classmates feel at ease.

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