Long-lost siblings reunite in Fort Walton Beach after 45 years

Long-lost siblings reunite in Fort Walton Beach after 45 years

They thought she was dead for decades, but on Wednesday three siblings got to meet their youngest sister for the first time.

Forty-five presents for 45 missed years.

Three siblings, after doing a DNA test, found out they had a sister, Amanda, a police officer in Tampa. They all believed Amanda was dead.

"I was in Lowe's and got a text that said, 'OMG Paul, you gotta call me right away' I can't talk, I just ignored it because I was in the checkout line, but that's when she called me and said, 'it's Mandy, I found Mandy,' and I was like 'what?'" Paul Farmer recalls.

Paul and Michelle drove from Mississippi to meet her at the Wyndham Marriott in Fort Walton Beach.

"You know, I'm a hugger, we are huggers, so you know, we didn't tell her that because I don't want her to know we are going to be hugging," Michelle Byrd said.

The older siblings arrived first, one clutching their mother's photo, she was a law enforcement officer, too.

"Many people have their parents for a long time. We didn't. Our siblings, half, whole, quarter, doesn't matter, it's everything," Michelle said.

Three hours after they arrived, the moment comes and so do the tears.

The youngest is now reunited with the family, which grew up thinking she was dead.

"Well, I literally fell to the floor, so, it feels great... this has been a long time coming. I'm speechless. I'm speechless, I really am," Amanda said.

Her name is now with her brothers and sisters on a sign.

The family plans to spend Wednesday and Thursday enjoying the beach. Amanda's 45th birthday is on Friday.

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