Man chokes, scrubs layer of skin off boy's wrist deputies say

Man chokes, scrubs layer of skin off boy's wrist deputies say. (PBSO)

A man choked and scrubbed a layer of skin off a 13-year-old boy's wrist, deputies said.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, Jermaine Gully, 33, was involved in an argument with the teen in the master bathroom of a home due to writing he had on his hand.

The argument became physical when Gully hit the teen multiple times in the chest and torso. Gully then ordered him to wash off the writing on his hand. The boy obeyed Gully's order.

Gully then put his hand around the teen's neck, and threw him on a bed in the master bedroom, deputies say. The teen told deputies he was unable to breathe.

Someone came to the teen's rescue, and helped him free himself from Gully.

According to PBSO, Gully ordered the teen to eat in the dinning room and while he was eating, Gully grabbed the boys right hand and applied significant pressure to his wrist.

He thought Gully was going to break his wrist.

Deputies say Gully then scrubbed the teen's wrist so hard, the first layer of his skin was completely removed.

Gully did not provide any medical attention to the boy after the injury.

He is facing charges with child neglect and abuse toward a child with great bodily harm.

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