Man opens fire on Escambia County Sheriff's deputies

Man opens fire on Escambia County Sheriff's deputies

One man is behind bars after allegedly opening fire on Escambia County Sheriff's deputies. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is now handling the investigation, but it could take months to find out what happened.

The suspect ran from a home on Louise Avenue, heading toward a nearby business and eventually made it to the other side of the fence, where he was found hiding in the Taco Bell parking lot.

The crime scene is so spread out investigators were on scene for hours, gathering evidence and trying to make sense of what went down.

Just before 4 a.m. on Friday, Escambia County Sheriff's deputies arrived at a house on Louise Avenue with an arrest warrant. That's when they say an unknown suspect opened fire.

"I heard about four or five shots," said neighbor Johnnie Brown. "Sounded like cap shots to me, or firecrackers."

Brown heard it all.

"I got up and just looked around, and there it was," said Brown. "Just had police cars everywhere."

"Because of the nature of the area where this happened, it took place in several different locations, so the crime scene investigation will be fairly complex," said Assistant State Attorney Greg Marcille.

Marcille told Channel 3 News the suspect who opened fire wasn't the man deputies were there to arrest, and after he shot at them, he took off on foot.

"There was a short pursuit," said Marcille. "Law enforcement did return fire and the suspect was injured."

The suspect was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Fortunately, no deputies were injured.

Brown told us his neighborhood isn't typically a high-crime area, but a similar incident did take place just last week.

"Police cars were everywhere," said Brown. "The roads were blocked off, they had the dogs out and they were searching for somebody."

Brown doesn't know if the two incidents are connected, but says he's not worried about his safety, even though the man deputies were trying to arrest, is still on the run.

The suspect, now identified as Russell Lee Enfinger is facing several charges, including attempted murder. He is expected to appear in court Saturday morning.

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