Deputies: Man shows up with wedding dress, shoots at ex when she refuses to marry him

Man shoots at ex-girlfriend and 80-year-old man. (Palm Beach Sheriff's Office )

LAKE WORTH, Fla. (CBS12) — Deputies from the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office arrived at a shooting scene on December 1st at a mobile home at 701 Almond Drive in Lake Worth.

Tonya Argus told deputies her ex-boyfriend, Gordon Kovie showed up outside the home and shot at her and an 80-year-old man while they were inside.

“… As I was waiting for dispatch to answer that’s when I hear boom boom boom,” said Argus.

According to PBSO, the mobile home is owned by Alberto Diaz who was inside with Argus at the time.

Argus told deputies she went to Diaz's home aka "Cubas" to help him with his business. Argus also told deputies she has been friends with Diaz for the past five years.

According to the report, Argus and Kovie had been in an argument the day earlier because she refused to marry him. Kovie bought Argus a wedding ring, dress and gave her $60.

Argus says her and Kovie dated for 3 ½ years, but broke up in 2013.

She says since then Kovie has been obsessed with her.

She also says he was abusive.

“He wouldn’t let me out of the house he would lock me inside… [once he] lifted me by my throat where my feet weren’t touching the ground until I almost passed out,” says Argus.

When Argus refused to marry Kovie, he reportedly forced the ring on her finger, deputies say. Kovie dropped her off at her house, and Argus left the ring in the car.

Argus told deputies when she later arrived at Diaz's home, Kovie was there asking about the property. Kovie would show up three more times throughout the day.

Argus says Kovie told her “now you’re going to be sorry.”

Kovie was seen on surveillance video with the teen, Patrick Dimauro, 16, banging on the front door. Deputies say Argus saw Kovie holding an object, drop it and then pick it up again.

This is when Argus heard gunshots, ran to the back bedroom, and called 911.

Argus says the chair she was sitting in had a bullet through it.

Kovie's Black Mitsubishi was also seen in the video.

Eleven shell casings were found on the scene by deputies, along with a lead projectile thrown into the home.

Kovie initially denied going to the mobile home, even though he is seen at the residence.

Argus says that Dimauro was a friend of Kovie’s, and worked for him.

Both Kovie and Dimauro are charged with attempted felony murder, and weapons possession. Dimauro has been charged as an adult.

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