Marijuana rally held at State Capitol


About 50 people protested the state’s decision to appeal a court decision allowing smokable marijuana this afternoon at the state Capitol.

They are also upset the state appealed the case of Tampa Strip club owner Joe Redner, who also won a court battle to juice marijuana leaves.

Josephine Caneella-Kriehl of the Cannabis Action Network says patients are tired of waiting for medicine they say works.

“Our message today is that we have waited long enough. We’ve been respectful. We’ve been patient.We’ve been persistent, and we’ve played by the rules,” said Cannella-Krehl. "And now we want access that we deserve. It’s not just a constitutional right, it is a moral imperative.”

The cases are now pending before the First District Court of Appeal.

Both the First DCA and the Supreme Court have refused to expedite the cases.

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