MCSO: Man dies while trying to flee from police in Chickasabogue Park

(IMG:MGN) MCSO: Man dies while trying to flee from police in Chickasabogue Park

The Mobile County Sheriff's Office has released the name of the man who they say died while trying to flee from police. They say 36-year-old Bobby Crook passed away after he dove into "a moving body of water" when Chickasaw Police attempted to confront him for outstanding warrants:

On February 2, 2018, at approximately 6:30pm, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office was called to investigate a death that occurred in the area of I-65 near Chickasabogue Park.
MCSO Detectives, MCSO Crime Scene Unit and District Attorney’s Investigator began gathering information from witnesses on the scene as well as officers with Chickasaw Police Department and Chickasabogue Park Rangers. The report states that a Chickasaw Police Officer stopped to assist a stranded motorist on I-65. When the officer called in the tag and license, it was determined that the motorist had outstanding warrants. When confronted, the stranded motorist identified as Bobby Crook (dob 12/17/81), fled on foot across interstate.
Chickasaw Police officer briefly chased Crook but lost sight of him and passed on description to Park Rangers. Park Rangers encountered Crook, however he fled from them as well. Chickasaw Police and Park Rangers continued to search and caught up with Crook. Crook fled jumping into a moving body of water attempting to swim to the other side. Crook began having trouble breathing and began going under water and did not resurface. Chickasaw Police Officer jumped into water attempting to rescue but was unsuccessful.
At approximately 11:00 pm, Crook’s body was recovered. We are waiting on results of autopsy and there is no further information at this time.
Those who assisted in the recovery were Saraland Fire Department, Saraland Special Ops and The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Flotilla.
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