Medical marijuana ban extended for City of Crestview

Medical marijuana ban extended for City of Crestview

Crestview City Council voted unanimously to extend their moratorium on medical marijuana in city limits.

They said they have plenty of good reason not to allow the drug just yet, but one doctor candidate at a city university said they should change their minds.

Jessica Wirth knew at an early age she wanted to be a pharmacist.

"My elementary school had a presentation about all of these career fields," she said.

Now, she's in her final year before she graduates with a doctorate in pharmacology from the Crestview campus of Florida A & M.

The hardest part of her job now at the pharmacy is not being able to help.

"I have patients that come up back to back and they are too early on their opioids. I can't fill it for them, I have to make them wait a few more days even though they are out and they are like, 'I'm gonna be in so much pain. Is there anything I can do? Is there some kind of substitute for this that I can use?' And then I have to look at them in their eyes and say, 'No, I'm sorry, there is nothing I can do,'" explained Wirth.

She hoped the Crestview City Council would end the ban on medical marijuana sales in the city, but it went the other way.

Councilman J.B. Whitten believes the ban had to remain because of lack of direction from the state.

"At the end of the 90 days, we still didn't have all the rules from the state. Another day, another 90-day moratorium, which I think was a good choice because as I've said before, we had another city that jumped on it right away and they are now going to have to amend an ordinance because they created an ordinance before they knew all the rules," he explained.

So the ban will remain until more concrete rules are put in place

For Wirth, it's just a continuing stigma in another area stopping people from getting help.

"In a way, it is kind of selfish for us to look at it and just see a stigma and not see its beneficial capabilities," Wirth said.

The moratorium is indefinite.

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