Military planes arrive at NAS Pensacola during Hurricane Florence

Dozens of planes kept at NAS Pensacola during Hurricane Florence (WEAR-TV)

Dozens of planes from Beaufort, Patuxent River, Norfolk and Oceana Naval Air Stations were evacuated out and will be kept at NAS Pensacola during Hurricane Florence. Lt. Vaughn Villarreal flew one in Wednesday morning. He said it was difficult leaving his family behind, but the planes had to be moved out of harms way.

"They are very expensive aircraft. It's important taking precautionary steps to get them out early, rather than leave them there and be susceptible to damage."

The Commanding Officer of Nas Pensacola, CO Chris Martin said the same thing happens when storms head our way. Their planes are sent to another base. He said the additional aircraft coming in won't impact operations and they are happy to help.

The crew bringing these planes in trained here early in their careers. It provides some comfort in going to a place where they made so many special memories.

Lt. Villarreal said, "Definitely some nostalgia coming back to the area. Everyone starts here at some point. Cool to come back here and flew over Whiting field where I did primary training."

They aren't sure how long the evacuated crews and planes will be here. They won't return until the storm has passed through and it's safe to return.

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