Milton man finds dog shot to death left on side of road

Milton man finds dog shot to death left on side of road

A Milton man is on a mission to find the person or people who shot and killed a dog and left it on the side of a road.

"I sat behind my truck and cried over this dog," Shannon Kersey said. "It's Christmas time. The dog has the right to live like we do."

Kersey said he found the dog on the side of the street near Bob Pitts and Delores Roads in Holt. He said his brother lives near where the dog was left and told him about it. Kersey said when he visited his brother on Monday afternoon, he took pictures of the dog.

"I posted it on Facebook," Kersey said. "I have a lot of animal resource people, animal shelter people, that adopt dogs, especially pit bulls."

Kersey said he also contacted a friend at Santa Rosa County Animal Services, but he never made an official report. He said he was told it is not against the law for an owner to shoot and kill their dog.

Florida law states it is illegal to unnecessarily kill an animal. There is some ambiguity in the law if the owner decides to kill the animal for illness or some other reason.

Kersey said the dog could have been dealt with differently and it should not have been left like roadkill. He said he might take matters into his own hands.

"If the dog is still there, which my sister-in-law said he is, I guess give him a proper burial, give a final resting spot," Kersey said. "If anyone knows who this dog belongs to, make contact on Facebook. I would like to know."

Channel 3 News reached out to Santa Rosa County Animal Services and was told there is not an active investigation into the dog's death because they have not received an official report.

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